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Roo Tail

Roo Tail

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Briefly Introduction: Our Kangaroo Tail bone for dogs is sourced from high-quality kangaroo meat from Australia. Kangaroo is a lean and nutrient-dense protein source that provides several benefits to your dog's health.

Benefit of product: Kangaroo Tail bone for dogs is an excellent source of protein and minerals. It is also rich in collagen, which supports joint health and helps prevent arthritis. Chewing on bones can also help keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy by scraping off plaque and tartar.

  • Sourced from high-quality kangaroo meat from Australia
  • Lean and nutrient-dense protein source
  • Rich in collagen to support joint health
  • Helps prevent arthritis
  • Helps clean teeth by scraping off plaque and tartar


30% Kangaroo Leg Bone, 70% Kangaroo Meat

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein: 42%Min.
Fat: 7.0%Min.
Fiber: 1.5% Max.
Moisture: 4.5% Max.

Storage Instruction

To maintain the freshness of the contents, please store them in a cool and dry place that is away from direct sunlight. Additionally, make sure to re-seal any partially used bags.

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  • How does chewing on bones help keep my dog's teeth clean?

    Chewing on bones can help keep your dog's teeth clean by scraping off plaque and tartar. As your dog chews on the bone, the rough surface of the bone helps to scrape away any buildup on their teeth, leaving them cleaner and healthier.

  • Is kangaroo meat a good protein source for dogs?

    kangaroo meat is an excellent protein source for dogs. It is lean and nutrient-dense, providing your dog with the essential amino acids they need to maintain muscle mass and overall health.

  • How does collagen help support joint health?

    Collagen is an essential component of joint tissue, helping to provide strength and support to the joints. When your dog chews on the kangaroo femur bone, they are getting a natural source of collagen that can help support their joint health and prevent arthritis.