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Goat Leg

Goat Leg

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Brief Introduction: Goat Legs are very beneficial to dogs because they include calcium and phosphorus, which help to keep bones healthy and strong. Additionally, the legs supply protein and calcium protein, which is essential for the health of canine muscles and joints.

Benefits of the Product:
They are 100% natural, with no chemicals, preservatives, flavorings, grains, or gluten. This makes goat's legs an excellent choice for your pet because they give essential vitamins and minerals while keeping the dog's tail wagging.

In addition, the goat's legs have moderate bone hardness, are bite-resistant, and have a low fat heel. This makes them suitable for dogs that are allergic to beef or pork, require a low-fat diet, or have sensitive stomachs.

  • Strong bones, good muscles, and joints require calcium, phosphorus, protein, and calcium protein.
  • Promote skin and hair health with low-fat and corneal calcium proteins. Strong sheep legs improve taste, making dogs happier to chew and enjoy.
  • 100% natural, with no additions, preservatives, grains, or calcium: a safe and healthy option.
  • Ideal for sensitive dogs with reduced fat requirements, including those who are allergic to beef or pork or have sensitive stomachs.


Goat leg

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein: 66%Min.
Fat: 2.0%Min.
Fiber: 0.8% Max.
Moisture: 9.0% Max.

Storage Instruction

To maintain the freshness of the contents, please store them in a cool and dry place that is away from direct sunlight. Additionally, make sure to re-seal any partially used bags.

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  • How is Goat Horn sourced?

    Goat Horn is sourced from 100% natural, free-range goats.

  • Is Goat Horn safe for dogs?

    Yes, Goat Horn is cleaned and sterilized to ensure it's safe for dogs to chew.

  • What are the benefits of Goat Horn for dogs?

    Goat Horn is a great natural alternative to synthetic chews, can help clean dogs' teeth and gums, and can satisfy their natural urge to chew, which can prevent destructive chewing behaviors.